Ria Gilham
art by Ria Gilham
Magical Realist painter & illustrator

About Me

“Ria is a self taught artist with a remarkable eccentric realist style influenced by her medical training. Expressing a love of fantasy and tales of the imagination, her paintings appear as scenes from yet to be written legends.

Ria’s draftsmanship is wonderful, demonstrating commitment to life drawing as practice for the figure. She works in a variety of mediums, from traditional oil paint to pencil, pen and ink, her techniques informed by illustration and PreRaphaelism."
Betty Nolan,
Nolan Art Gallery & School,
Hobart Tasmania

contact by email: riagilham@hotmail.com


Some of the drawings in my "sketchbook fun" portfolio are available through Red Bubble, printed on mugs, bags, phone cases etc. Ink drawings really lend themselves to this & I've enjoyed having a few of them made for myself!
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